Toilet Training Dogs

This lesson is all about toilet training dogs. Many people have experienced finding their dog’s stinky mess on the floors, and the absolute horror if it was on carpet. It’s not an interesting topic – all that dog pee and poo. But it’s reality, and it has to be dealt with.

This method of toilet training will work for dogs of all ages.

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Train Puppy To Stop Mouthing

This training lesson is all about how to stop a mouthing puppy, which is a typical issue for puppies from 8 weeks old up to 8 months or older. Little puppies have very sharp little teeth, and can unintentionally terrify young children and even adults if the puppy likes to mouth and bite people. The good news is that this method of stopping your puppy’s mouthing behavior absolutely works.

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Stop Dog Pulling On The Leash

Doggy Dan reveals some of the reasons that your dog pulls on the leash, and how to stop that behavior and walk your dog correctly.

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Case Study: Stop Dog From Killing Chickens and Running Away

Watch how Doggy Dan tackles the tricky problem of a dog that runs away and kills chickens.

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Your Puppy’s First Trip In The Car

How to ensure your puppy’s first car trip is enjoyable for everyone, and that your puppy has a positive association with being in your car.

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Dog Aggression Around The Food Bowl

Learn how to train your puppy to tolerate you being near their food bowl without them growling or being aggressive.

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Doggy Dan’s Dog Training Philosophy

An interview with Doggy Dan the online dog trainer. Learn about some of the core principles behind his training method and hear from customers that had their problem dogs transformed into wonderful companions.

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How To Introduce A Puppy To A Bigger Dog

Learn how to safely introduce a new puppy to a bigger dog.

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Piano Playing Poodles? Precious!

Meet Leo and Inji, two ridiculously cute toy poodles. Inji loves to entertain her family with a few tunes on the piano. She belts out a few melodic howls in between the notes and it even seems like she’s reading the sheet music. Inji can also strum the guitar,...

Tiny Stray Dog Follows Runner Over 125km of Desert

A friendly stray dog who followed behind an extreme runner on a grueling race across China is reunited with the man she followed. The little dog now known as Gobi, joined 102 competitors running 250km over the Tian Shan Mountains down to the Black Gobi Desert during a...

Reunited Dog Faints From Overwhelming Joy

We all love doggy reunion videos but you’ve never seen one quite like this… When Rebecca Ehault returned home to Pennsylvania after 2 years living abroad she expected a few simple doggy licks from her pet schnauzer Casey, and some hugs from the parents....

Cute Yorkie Pup “Lo” Marches Around Like Little Soldier

At 3 weeks old, these Yorkie puppies only weight about 1 pound each. But big or small, boys will be boys. The three feisty brothers are tapping into their deadly hunting instincts. But the real star of this video is their sister Lo. I just love the way Lo marches...

Maverick The German Shepherd Jumps On Dolphins

When Maverick the German Shepherd Dog and his human companions set out for a day of fishing they planned on a nice and relaxing time out on the water. But when Maverick spots a dolphin pod breaching the surface in front of their boat he just can’t control his...

Funny Bulldog Too Lazy To Exercise On Treadmill

LOL! Silly human, can’t you see this magnificent beast of a bulldog is just too damn buff to bother walking on your lame treadmill? Don’t you just love his expressions? He’s all like “stuff this”. This stocky little bulldog is more of a...

Boxer Dog Gives Owner Epic Side Eye for Leaving Him

When Hannibal the Boxer sees the return of his owner from vacation he is less than impressed. You think you can leave Hannibal in this lil’ box while your Livin’ la Vida Loca? Then you just waltz back in like everything’s rosy? Oh hell naw, Hannibal...

17 Week Old Boston Terrier Murphy “Shot” By Owner

OMG. Those ears and those eyes, how could anyone resist falling in love with this handsome little gentleman? Murphy the Boston Terrier is only 17 weeks old in this video, and you can clearly see why Boston Terriers are such a beloved breed. Murphy shows us how very...

Funny Boston Terrier Loves His Belly Tickled

Meet Mackie the Boston Terrier who just loves getting his belly tickled! He makes the most ridiculously cute face, I really can’t help but giggle. The look of anticipation of the next incoming tickle is what gets me. Boston Terriers are so cute, and Mackie has...

Remy the Beagle Pup Attacks Enemy…A Doorstop!?

Remy the 15 week old beagle puppy has just detected a strange new enemy in his home: a springy doorstop! Watch as Remy investigates, with hilarious results. Remy’s reaction is 50% playful + 50% fearful and 100% adorable. I wonder what the funny beagle puppy is...

Baby And Labrador Puppy Meet For The Very First Time

Warning: This video contains a double dose of Cuteness and may be too cute for you to handle! The baby is so amazed to meet his new doggy bro. He’s got the most joyful eyes as he smiles up at mom, and then back at the puppy. I’m so glad they could capture...

Compilation of Family Dogs Interacting With Babies

A hilarious collection of family dogs interacting with babies and toddlers. Some of the “fur babies” definately get a little too boisterous for me, but it’s all in good fun.There’s one particular dog that sits on a baby’s head – hey...