Hi, my name is Adrian and welcome to DoggySavvy.com, my website dedicated to helping dog owners develop the kind of life-enriching relationship with their dogs that they always wanted. I believe this is best done by educating dog owners so they can understand their dogs and thus become “Doggy Savvy”.

DoggySavvy.com is a convenient online resource for dog owners worldwide. A site where the information needed to care for and train a puppy all the way to adulthood is easily accessible. The goal is to save people from having to spend weeks searching for answers to common dog questions.

There is a product reviews section where I will be reviewing many popular dog kennels, training collars, dog trainers, and more. You’ll learn which doggy products are amazing and will improve your life, and which ones are best avoided.

I hope you find my site useful and informative and I’d be very interested in your responses, feedback and even corrections, tips or ideas for further exploration. Thank you for visiting.