Anthony: “Are you asking me to forgive you? Are you asking me to forgive you?
I don’t understand. I really don’t understand.
What do you want? What?
[Ettore gets on his lap]
What do you want?
No, it doesn’t work like that.
It really doesn’t work like that
[asking forgiveness intensifies]
It doesn’t work like that.
No. No.
You are wrong. You are wrong.
You are really wrong.”
The girl: “Look how he… I can’t get his head.”
Anthony: You are wrong, Ettore.
Ettore, you are wrong.
No. No. No.
Do you understand where you made the mistake?
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
Do you understand where you made the mistake?
I don’t think you understood.
Eh? Eh?
You are hurting me.
No. No.
Ok. We make peace. We make peace.
Peace, all right? We made peace.
[cuteness implosion]

The video is in Italian, and even though we have provided the English translation we think the visuals transcend all language barriers.

We don’t know what Ettore the dog did that needed forgiveness, but his owner Anthony Federica Granai tried his best to be stern. Anthony says “no!” repeatedly, and tries to maintain his authority, but Ettore is so desperate for his human’s forgiveness that he pulls out the big guns. He jumps onto Anthony’s lap and lowers his head and gently presses it into Anthony’s chest.

It would be so hard to remain serious with your furbaby when he is this cute when seeking forgiveness.

Anthony is only human, and he just couldn’t resist such diabolical puppy tactics.

I’ve heard ‘dog experts’ say that dogs don’t actually feel guilt, it’s just that they are clever at reading your emotions and are simply using such body postures as a way to avoid punishment. I can’t say I agree with their assessment because I’ve seen many animals convincingly display a wide range of emotions including compassion and grief, so it would not surprise me if they can feel genuine remorse.

What do you think? Do you agree with me that animals have real emotions or are they “scamming” us?

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